revReading: Kathy Crowley, Marjorie Jordan, Bonnie Shaver-Troup

It is easy to improve
reading proficiency
with small changes to text
shape, size and spacing.

What if reading with your individually optimal text format meant you would read faster, more accurately and with greater comprehension? Would you want to read with that optimal format instead of a publisher chosen format?

Launched in 2015, the revReading collective impact project had 2 goals

*  To partner with a technology company to add text modification controls in a reading application, allowing easy delivery of alternate formats to the population at large

*  To create a set of free fonts based on Dr. Bonnie-Shaver-Troup’s original text formats designed to improve reading outcomes


*  A White Paper that describes the history and the collective work was published in September 2017.

*  Work is underway with several large tech companies. Expect announcements soon at

*  The revReading co-founders engaged type designer Thomas Jockin to develop a set of static and a variable font based on the formats originally developed by Bonnie. The fonts are in testing (revReading GitHub) and are expected to be released in Google Fonts under an OFL license in late 2018. (Jockin interview about the project)


The revReading team wishes to acknowledge the generous contributions of our valuable partners and advisors in the work to expand the use of individually optimal text formats. Thank you!